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Metamorphosis of Gold Jewelry in Mauritius

Metamorphosis of Gold Jewelry in Mauritius

Metamorphosis - This phenomenal form of transformation is seen everywhere in nature. From the tiniest of Insects, to larvae turning into magnificent Butterflies, to Humans transcending their capabilities, metamorphosis is the most profound of all acts and clearly, you would have never imagined in your wildest dreams that something simple can be turned into a stunning piece of avant garde jewellery through metamorphosis! 

Transforming your ideas into reality, meet the creator mastermind behind one of a kind, creative jewellery pieces and unconventional jewellery innovation in Mauritius, Ravi Jetshan is seen as the alchemist of precious metals at Ravior.

Ravi Jetshan - World renowned Jewelry Designer from Mauritius

At the heart of every bespoke jewellery piece at Ravior that you buy online in Mauritius, you will see the transformation of rare metals into a piece of art, bringing you a souvenir so timeless that it never fades out of style. Did you know that the majority of Gold available on earth and at Ravior, came from outer space? A goldsmith of 9 generations, Ravior’s tradition, precision and passion is crafted to evoke. As we embark on yet another journey full of hopes and dreams, with resilience as strong as Diamonds, here is a invitation to check out the short video from Atelier Ravior on the Metamorphosis of jewelry that will keep your eyes glued on the brilliance of light throbbing out of the molten gold. 

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The end of year brings great warmth and optimism and thus, also calls for choosing meaningful gifts. At Ravior, you can buy some of the most amazing Gold and Silver jewelry online that is crafted by local artisans in Mauritius. Check out their creative jewellery collection such as Arboresans, Soley and our personal favourite for this year - the innovative Koray Collection, which excellently captures the pristine blues of Mauritian Sea, Golden white sands and glimmering silver lines across the shores of the paradise Island, a real inspirational jewelry design made to resemble the majestic Corals in the Indian Ocean. 

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As the sun rises into another adventure, it is time to buy your Gold and Diamond jewelry online at Ravior in Mauritius and let yourself metamorph into the stunning gem that you are!