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Top 3 Jewelry trends to follow!

Top 3 Jewelry trends to follow!

Wearing different jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings plays a major role in enhancing both the beauty and elegance of a woman. Thus they choose some of the most exclusive and captivating jewelry pieces that can complement their attire and provide them with the stunning look needed to impress others on different occasions especially the formal ones.

Jewelry pieces differ in their designs and the materials from which they are made. You can find gold jewelry pieces that are encrusted with diamonds and are considered to be the most expensive, whereas others which are made of materials such as silver, leather and materials that allow the consumer to fit the purchase in their budget. Nevertheless, it's all in the details! Let's talk about the best-selling jewels the ladies just can't stop shopping for!

To begin with the top 3 in the list, statement earrings have been sold, are being sold and will be sold for a long time to come! Earrings are undoubtedly having a moment but what made a shock are the Ear Cuffs that made a comeback as they were mildly put to rest a few seasons ago.

Another best-selling item is the pendant necklaces and the Choker necklace. Chokers were present during the 1990's in the form of black pendant chokers and plastic tattoo chokers that were very common among girls. Those chokers came back again but in modern designs and materials. From gold chokers, crochet chokers, glassy chokers to feathered chokers, you can pick a variety of material that suits your preferences.

The trends suggests that more and more women are opting for a minimal or unconventional designs of pendants that either hold an emotional attachment to the pendant design or rather to go modern by affirming into 'Less is More'! There are some women who believe that wearing just one or two rings is not enough. Psychologically, having a ring on any fingers denotes symbolism.

In some cultures, the more rings you wear, the more protected or successful you will be. The majority of women believe in such ideologies and are the reason behind the fast paced sales of rings! Whether the rings are large or small, shiny or colored, having a ring on your finger denotes status and differentiation. Like the saying goes, One ring to rule them all!