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How to care for Nose Piercings

How to care for Nose Piercings

Here are some of the Do's and Don'ts to care for your Nose pins and how should you take care after piercing your Nose!

Do This:

1. Selecting a Style:

There are several styles of nose jewelry.
Nose rings are hoops that come in various sizes and are self-clasping.
Nose studs are similar to earring studs, using a small clasp on the back to hold the jewelry in place. Nose screws require no clasp to stay in place. There is a half-circle turn at the bottom of the very short post used to screw the jewelry into place. Many people prefer nose screws to rings or studs for their comfort, easy insertion and easy cleaning.

2. Material:

Select the material for your nose jewelry with care to avoid an allergic reaction or unattractive oxidation and tarnishing.

  • Gold is the next best thing to surgical steel, but choose real gold - 14kt or 18kt is sturdy enough not to bend easily, and pure enough to be safe. Avoid gold plate, as it quickly wears away with constant exposure to body fluids.
  • Titanium is another popular and durable metal used in jewelry making. It works for most people but can irritate an unhealed piercing. If you want to use Titanium, wait at least six months after your piercing to do so.
  • Sterling silver although beautiful, is not a good choice to use in any fresh piercing. Your body fluids oxidize the metal, turning it black. This black oxidation can penetrate your tissues, leaving a permanent spot or stain around the piercing. Wait at least a year after your piercing to wear silver jewelry and check frequently for signs of tarnish and oxidation.


Don't do This :

  • Never scrub any part of your piercing or jewelry. This can damage the tissue, cause an infection and dislodge your jewelry.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face at night.
  • Avoid fingering your jewelry and making frequent changes during the first six months. Fiddling with and changing a stud or ring could damage the cartilage causing an unattractive lump, called a granuloma, to form. Once you get one of these, they can be nearly impossible to get rid of.
  • Make sure when you buy a nose pin, it is light weight and easy to use.


Piercing Aftercare :

Since nose piercing penetrates cartilage, not just flesh, it takes six to 12 weeks to heal. During this period, it is important to keep the site scrupulously clean.

  • Always wash your hands before you touch your piercing or jewelry.
  • Clean the piercing at least three times a day with a clean cotton ball soaked in sterile saline solution. Drench the area, slightly rotating your jewelry to make sure the saline gets into the hole. Then gently pat it dry.
  • Dip a fresh cotton swab in saline solution to clean the clasp or screw inside your nostril.
  • Use a dry paper towel to pat the area after cleaning. Better yet, just hold the paper towel there and let it "wick up" the moisture.
  • Replace your pillowcase every few days to cut down on germ exposure.