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Ravior’s AI online store - Luxury at your fingertips

www.ravior.com Ravior Jewelry in Mauritius

Our e-commerce platform is up and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

With its integrated Artificial Intelligence system, our website now allows you to access the latest Ravior collections from the comfort of your desktop or your couch. Not only will you be able to pick the most meticulously handcrafted jewelry pieces in the world, you can also get them delivered at your door anywhere across the oceans - in a few clicks. As a strong advocate of innovation, our aim is to merge futuristic technology with the kind of jewelry craftsmanship that has evolved through millennia.

We opted for an AI system for our platform as we firmly believe in providing you with a personalized service that adequately responds to your needs and personal tastes, hence an intelligent and interactive website. Our e-platform also boasts of a highly user-friendly design that enables you to swiftly switch from one collection to another, from one category to another. The overall design relishes a pleasant visual experience while you go about your quest for the one piece that will catch your eye.

Another main feature of the website is the chat option. If you’re unsure of what piece suits you the most, we are here to assist you in real time because we understand that jewels count amongst the things that one cherishes throughout their life. As we want your purchasing experience to be of ultimate pleasure, we put at your disposal our live expertise by guiding you through the available luxurious products and advising you on the most suited ones for you.

In addition to information on our collections, you shall also find weekly blog posts about our latest products, tips and tricks to maintain your precious jewelry pieces and other related topics. As we want to be with you every step of the way, we have included all details about the various store locations we currently avail of as well as an in-depth description of the services we can provide you with. Everything you need to know about the hope Project is on there, so read on!

As a major player in the local jewelery industry, we also wish to position ourselves at regional and international level so as to extend our services to our customers anywhere in the world. With more than 35 years of experience, Ravior intends to conquer the Indian Ocean market under the careful and determined leadership of Ravi Jetshan and reach out to you wherever you may be. Regardless of your age, gender and tastes, we have no doubt that our unique sense of aesthetics and innovation will do more than catch your sight. It will touch your heart. Our story is more than just about precious stones and alloys, it is about creating the jewelry of your dreams and making you part of our story.

Get ready to experience the word “luxury” in its purest sense.

Ravior, crafted to evoke.