What are the sources of our roots? What do we do with them? What shall we leave behind? These are all legitimate questions to be asked by a designer living in a metis island.

Eternal, because the designer creates modular jewellery for the first time, thus creating a root source that shall give birth to other forms. Unity in art, to transmit the fundamental sense of life.

Mighty Fashion Band (Includes Options) - Ravior Jewels

Bangle for Men - Rs 6,900.00

Aroboresan Garnet Bracelet

Aroboresan Garnet Bracelet - Rs 18,100.00

Arboresan Rose Quartz Bracelet

Arboresan Rose Quartz Bracelet - Rs 18,860.00

Arboresans Quartz Bracelet

Arboresans Quartz Bracelet - Rs 18,400.00

Ring aboresans

Ring aboresans - Rs 28,750.00

Sold out
Arboresans Ring

Arboresans Ring