Bespoke Collection

Quality is remembered long after Price is forgotten! At Ravior, the word 'Bespoke' holds a special meaning.
You cannot tailor-make the situations in life, but here, you can tailor-make your Jewel to fit those situations.
Check out creatively finished Bespoke Ravior pieces designed on demand.  

Handcrafted to Perfection

Whether it is your own handwriting, engraving of Heartbeats, custom made designs
or even your Initials, Ravior certainly ceases your doubts of limitations
when it comes to exclusively handcrafted Jewelry.

All you got to do is Imagine. Let Ravior make your imagination come to life!

Flawless Designs

Some of the Flawless and Timeless pieces designed as per custom requirements.
These rings were especially designed for Wedding and Engagement Ceremonies.

To design your own ring, seek assistance with our Professional Artisans who will help you conceptualize your ideas
and suggest you the best of methods and elements to be used for crafting your finest bespoke piece!