Ready to be part of a revolution

Our craftsmanship

Jewellery is a powerful and enduring part of the human experience. Founded by a family of passionate jewellers, Ravior's handcrafted jewellery takes us to the dawn of a golden era.

Fierce and forward, our products are the strength of a revolution, and our new Rev Pendant Line is the symbol of bravery, quality, and craftsmanship.

Our unique features

Crafted in Brass casted with 18K Gold Flashing and Oxidised Silver, Ravior’s  Rev Pendants come with a detailed finish, uniting us with a common goal: 

To be bold. To persevere. To rise above every obstacle that may come our way. To be stronger.

A symbol of the struggle we go through either with ourselves or with others around us, a reminder that against all odds the revolution will go on and we can either embrace it or choose to hide.

Which will you choose?

Embrace the full Ravior experience, explore today!