Arbo Design

There are three responses to a piece of design - Yes, No and WOW! Be in Awe as you glance upon these creative designs of Arboresans Collection. It's amazing how your imagination can craft wonders, when it comes to Jewelry and even more, leaving you in admiration of such marvelous creations that adjoins to your ever shining Aura! At Ravior, our craftsmen can mold any jewelry straight out of your imagination, thus enabling you to also create custom made designs of your choice!
Arbo Design
Arboresans Ring

Arboresans Ring - Rs 43,000.00

Hanging Lambrequins

Hanging Lambrequins - Rs 34,950.00

Arboresans Motif Bracelet

Arboresans Motif Bracelet - Rs 25,300.00

Crown Ring

Crown Ring - Rs 43,000.00

Double Arbo Silver Ring

Double Arbo Silver Ring - Rs 4,900.00


Naturally - Rs 43,000.00