The Mauritius Collection

Witness Nature's long extinct creature that was once found freely walking on the Paradise Island of Mauritius - The Dodo. A flightless bird that existed 300 years ago, although extinct, has marked its memory in every Mauritian's Heart! 

At Ravior, revive the lost memories of the Incredible Dodo with 'The Mauritius Collection'. A Creative design and An Important  emblem to wear! A ‘madeinmoris’ jewel.

The Mauritius Collection
Ikon Mauritius Heart

Ikon Mauritius Heart - Rs 920.00

The Mauritius Bead

The Mauritius Bead - Rs 2,300.00

Dodo Bead Pendant (For Kids)

Dodo Bead Pendant (For Kids) - Rs 1,280.00

Dodo Bead Pendant (For Adults)

Dodo Bead Pendant (For Adults) - Rs 1,890.00

Brass Ikon Marlin Bracelet

Brass Ikon Marlin Bracelet - Rs 920.00

Silver Flag Charm

Silver Flag Charm - Rs 1,150.00