Our Story

Established in Mauritius in 1982, Ravior brand has consistently lingered at the peak of excellence in the
field of Jewelry. Creativity, Innovation and precision are the ideals preached by their
designers, thus yielding supreme quality of Jewelry and providing an uncommon experience for its



Clearly what goes into making a Brand sparkle like one of its own products? It is the Intricate
combination of materials such as wood, stone, leather, precious stones, coral and shells that separates
them from the ordinary. It's no coincidence that Ravior is the first thought lingering in the minds of
peculiar Men and Women. All thanks to their persistence and personal attention towards the clients.

Having been recognized and awarded for excellent craftsmanship, their collection has been exhibited
worldwide, namely in Copenhagen (Denmark), Las Vegas and Paris. You will always reminisce over
Ravior no matter where you go. No wonder they say, It is crafted to evoke!