Clearly what goes into making jewelry? Apart from molten glowing metal and a few tools to mend, the foremost important is the Artisan. At Ravior, you find men and women with a sixth sense that work the magic of both rational and emotional sentiments into making that perfect piece of dedication. Quiet the masters of their tools, this artisan community strives to achieve perfection in Ravior's collections.

A creator, manufacturer or a trader of high quality objects, call it whatever you may, Ravior is a mosaic of men and women from a vast variety of backgrounds with exceptional craftsmanship, all united with the same love for crafts and achieving perfection. As every artist is unique in their own way, so is the case with the brand's exclusive handcrafted jewelry. It is the gold that shines not only through the myriads of intricacies in the pieces, but also through the hands of these professional craftsman that perform alchemy of a different kind. Such talent goes beyond the four walls of the studio. With head in the stars and feet on the ground, the team at Ravior has proven to be its greatest support.

Every piece of Ravior Jewelry that you purchase has the essence of these artisanal Houdini thus retaining its originality and an extraordinary value. It is this spirit of artists and true craftsmanship that keeps the Ravior house alive in the hearts of their clients, in excellent servicing and also in support of others. Faithful to the artisan spirit, they seek to perpetuate the Company's tradition of high quality and excellence while continuing to reinvent and evolve for the better.

So when you walk into a house full of creativity, what choice do you have but to marvel at the blissful pandemonium caused by these complex patterns and their vibrancies that bring about a feeling of belonging in you. This is why every time someone owns a creation from Ravior, they form a connection with the creator and not just a mere client company relationship. At Ravior, design is treated as a Process - something that has arrived with due consideration of pragmatics but not limited by them. Thus, when it says it is crafted to evoke, it sure is CRAFTED to EVOKE a sense of pride in the artists, in the master as well as in yourself that you own a beautiful bespoke piece of Ravior.