Arbo Lux

The way a woman carries herself and the way she dresses ought to promote beauty, elegance and refinement. These words add up to the Lux factor of this unique, superior crafted Arbo Lux Collection. After all, luxury and necessity go well together whether around your neck or dangling through your ears!
Arbo Lux
Gold Beryl

Gold Beryl - Rs 81,075.00

Regalian Necklace - Ravior Jewels

Arboresans Regalian Necklace - Rs 66,000.00

Hanging Garden - Ravior Jewels

Hanging Garden - Rs 74,750.00

Powerful Stone

Powerful Stone - Rs 42,000.00

Elegance (Includes Options) - Ravior Jewels

Elegance - from Rs 61,500.00