Jewelry Appraisal

If you are looking at selling your sparkling charms or are planning to insure them, you need not look any further than Ravior. You would probably prefer not to think about your jewelry treasures being damaged, destroyed or lost. Thus, it is prudent to opt for Ravior's professional examination through their special Jewelry Appraisal service. Not only will you be enlightened about the specific details of your valuables but also get the best one on one inputs and information in order to approach such delicate processes in the right way. An appraiser can attest to the quality, design, condition and value of your jewelry. Before you take steps to insure your jewelry, seek a
Ravior appraiser.

Upcycling and Restoration

Gone are the days when broken things could not be repaired! At Ravior, The very skilled craftsmen are equipped to perform a variety of repairs ranging from ring sizing, chain repair, charm soldering and prong re-tipping, restoration of sculptures and other precious valuables. The most common repairs sought after every jewelry owner is “Check, tighten, clean and polish’ during which the jewelers fully inspect each item for loose stones and tighten them, polish and clean the item, and even redo the bright finish to bring the shine on. Once you place them in their hands, they come back to you as good as new.

As every artistic persona, the skilled workers also up cycle found objects and various materials such as glass, wood, cloth, corals and much more.

Jewelry Cleaning

You probably have some jewelry that has been used rarely and has either lost its charm or has tarnished over the years. Keep your worries at bay as Ravior offers Jewelry cleaning services. It is a good idea to maintain the spark of your jewelry every six months. Not only your jewelry be better maintained but also appear brand new! It is amazing what a good cleaning and polishing can do. The artisans also make sure your stones are secure in their setting and advise if any repairs are recommended.

They also understand how much your jewelry means to you and the experts at Ravior want to make sure you enjoy your jewelry experience for many years to come!