Necklaces for her

Women and Necklaces go a long way in history. And why should it change in the future? In fact, amplify the seductive charms and sensuality with these gorgeous Neck pieces that are sure to make the heads turn!

Necklaces for her
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Blue Knot Neckpiece

Blue Knot Neckpiece

Titanium neckpiece

Titanium neckpiece - Rs 29,900.00

Elegant Mangalsutra

Elegant Mangalsutra - Rs 45,540.00

Discreet Mangalsutra

Discreet Mangalsutra - Rs 18,000.00

Arboresans Simple Mangalsutra

Arboresans Simple Mangalsutra - Rs 24,600.00

Traditional Mangalsutra

Traditional Mangalsutra - Rs 28,750.00