Bracelets for her

The Garment in itself is nothing without accessories. So when you dress to the best, don't let a Gentleman hold your hands in bare. Add a little bit of charm with these exclusive collection of bracelets and you are all set to woo them!
Bracelets for her
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Bracelet Jonc

Bracelet Jonc

Krayon Bracelets (Includes Options)

Krayon Bracelets (Includes Options) - from Rs 3,400.00

Oxidized Bloom

Oxidized Bloom - Rs 3,450.00

Titanium Bangle

Titanium Bangle - Rs 4,600.00

Ikonoklas Rakhi Bracelet (Includes Options)

Ikonoklas Rakhi Bracelet (Includes Options) - from Rs 1,130.00

Arboresans Motif Bracelet

Arboresans Motif Bracelet - Rs 25,300.00