Hope Bracelet
Hope Bracelet
Hope Bracelet
Hope Bracelet
Hope Bracelet
Hope Bracelet

Hope Bracelet

Rs 2,645.00

Can be worn as bracelet or pendant
A piece with meaning and purpose
One side in English and the other side in Mauritian Creole:
hope love unity / lamour lespwar linité

Crafted with export quality silver 925
Diameter: 17mm
Weight of Silver: as from 3.00 grams

Delivered with cord

Color versions – contact our team on WhatsApp +23059064162

We embrace the profound impact of Hope, Love, and Unity in shaping Mauritian society and fostering a brighter tomorrow. This exquisite creation by Ravior is a symbol of awareness for the power of art and the unwavering Hope of children. Moreover, it serves as a means to raise funds for Tipa, a noble cause that promotes interactive pedagogy through the arts. Join us in demonstrating your support and solidarity by adorning our Hope bracelets, knowing that 10% of each sale goes towards this meaningful initiative.

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’’Having a Hope is putting a smile on a Child’s Face’’

Yasheenah Dooky

Tan ki ena zanfan ena lespwar.
Antan ki profeser mo krwar dan potantiel bann zanfan ek nou rol se akonpagn zot ek gid zot

Anne Claire Paul

Port sa kolie Hope la, linn permet mwa a sak fwa rapel ki lafors ek linportans linite, lamour ek LESPWAR.

Jason Lily


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