"Changing lives, one small step at a time"


This stands true in case of TIPA (Terrain for Interactive Pedagogy through Arts) a non-governmental organization. The TIPA Programme aims at addressing the learning obstacles of vulnerable children by developing innovative teaching strategies in collaboration with teachers and school staff in ZEP Schools (Priority Area Schools). To make it fun, TIPA proposes interactive learning solutions, use of artistic approach and participatory practices. By fostering self-confidence, participation, critical thinking, mutual respect and cooperation, they help the child to draw towards and manage learning modules and materials. As every good deed starts with a great vision, TIPA works towards a dynamic society where citizens are engaged, the contribution of each one is valorized and their differences are recognized.


Due to this shared vision with Ravior, 'HOPE' was born. The brands utmost belief in the power of HOPE, LOVE and UNITY and in the aptitude of NGOs shaping the Mauritian community at large, gave way to creation of LESPWAR(Hope). This collection holds a great value in the heart of every person contributing to the greater good and those who hope that tomorrow will be a brighter day in the potential of children, women and men that have been living in tough conditions.


Yet, this does not stop them from carrying the LOVE of life in their hearts and by standing in UNITY in the face of adversity. Every sale of HOPE collection gives back the hope to TIPA to continue their commendable mission. Ravior believes in supporting such causes by local NGOs like TIPA, in order to make tomorrow, a better place to be in!


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