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Embrace your Masculinity with Ravior

Embrace your Masculinity with Ravior

Gone are the days where the only jewel a man would wear was his engagement or wedding ring. The modern man is now ready to conquer the world with an entirely different take on his image. Elevated by his outfit and drawn to the latest trends, you probably won’t meet a man in this era who does not wear a piece of jewelry to complete his look. From the discreet necklace, to the rebellious one-ear piercing, to the bold wristwatch and the designer cuff links, luxury jewel pieces have become a man’s best friends.  

Creative Jewellery designer ring for Men

For as long as we can go back in time, jewelry has been to men what power is to a king – a very part of him. The Greeks, the Romans and the Egyptians would wear large chest pieces made of brass, copper or gold as a sign of absolute prestige and status. To date, such traditions can still be observed in many Indian ethnicities and amongst African tribes who adorn themselves with complex and colorful handcrafted pieces of jewelry and molded precious metals as an expression of masculinity and strength.

Jewellery Cuff Link for Man Stainless Steel

In our time and age, before stepping out of the house, you want to pick the right piece that will compliment your style. Bracelets that bear a signature symbol made of precious alloys such as silver or gold tend to add an elegant touch to any casual smart look. As shown in Ravior’s collection, the mixture of bright colors and dark tones in their unique handmade bracelets will match both your personality and class. For more elaborate outfits such as tuxedos or a business suit, cufflinks are the ultimate blazon of men’s jewelry as the shine of silver or gold will naturally highlight the blues, browns and blacks of your attire. You can never go wrong when opting for small yet elegant geometrical pieces such as the Arbo Cufflinks or the originality of the Twist Cufflinks. In Ravior’s latest collection, you shall find the one ring that was created – just for you. From its aesthetic cuts to its innovative volumes, the Men’s Ring Collection is composed of a variety of pieces that embody youth and masculinity to its best.

Crafted Cuff Link for Man Jewellery Designer Africa

As a man’s sense of sophistication is often assessed by how he can flaunt any jewels without being seen a show-off, you want to dress in style and make the right choice of luxurious accessories. And Ravior helps you achieve just that.