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Tourmaline: The Gemstone that crossed a Rainbow

Tourmaline: The Gemstone that crossed a Rainbow

As unbelievable as they may be, ancient legends bring magic to our lives. And throughout the ages, gemstones have embodied those unique stories people still tell to date.

An interesting one you may not have heard of is that of the Tourmaline. For centuries, Egyptians believed the Tourmaline fell straight from the heavens. Having crossed the 7 seven rays of a rainbow, the gem was blessed by the Gods with a palette of exceptionally bright colors and landed straight in the hands of man who, until today, cherishes it. That is how, the thuramali, the stone of a thousand colors, was born.

Praised for its heavenly blues, its stunning emerald-like green or its atypical black tints, the tourmaline, is yet another tangible proof of geological miracles. One of the most incredible type of this gemstone is the watermelon tourmaline. Like the fruit it takes its name after, this unique precious piece is pink at its center while its color converges towards green on its edges.

To add to your already elegant features, Ravior has handcrafted some of the most beautiful jewel pieces ornated by tourmaline stones. The Paraiba tourmaline chain and pendant will stun you with its sea-water blue that hails from Brazil. In Ravior’s prized collection, you will also find the Mystical Tourmaline, the Bohemian Chic and the Twin Beauties Rings whose tourmaline gemstone are sure to make you glow in the
most gracious way. It is believed that the tourmaline holds special powers as it positively influences the body, relieves stress and add to your natural aura.

As we approach October, you may want to have a look at Ravior’s tourmaline collection as it is the birthstone of October-born children. Also known as the chameleon of all gems, let the tourmaline cast its beautiful spells on you. Just like it must have done with Chinese Empress Tseu-Hi who bore such love for jewels made of tourmaline that her last resting place was made of tourmaline!

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