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This Zodiac Crystal vibes with Libras only!

Lucky jewelry for Libra sign

One of the four powerful gemstones that supports Libras is the Opals. During this October equinox when both the Sun and the Earth move together in a perfect harmony, Ravior invites Libras across the globe to explore the synergy with this stunning zodiac crystal Opal. 

Here is how Opals support Libras, a peak into Ravior’s custom made Opal Jewellery

When a planet rules over a gemstone, astrologers believe that these special gemstones act as pure channels for all the energies of that planet and in this case, hail to Venus whose influence can be seen in the incredible custom made Opal jewellery at Ravior


1. As a stone of great love:

Opals channel Venus's loving energy for Libras, especially toward those they are closest to. And with that being said, this flawless Opal ring in Yellow gold at Ravior is one choice that you cannot let go of! Gift this to your closest one and let the magic of Opal work between you two!

Opal ring in Gold at Ravior Mauritius


2. Inspire Emotions:

The color change, which is a prominent feature in opals, transmits radiant energy. Specifically, they inspire emotional stability, reliability, and loyalty, all the essentials for Libras to fulfill their ultimate desires as partners. So if you are drawn to its mystic beauty, here is the statement Opal necklace Dressed in lustrous White Gold. This necklace comes not just with the Rainbow driven flashes, but also with dazzling  Diamonds crafted with the seal of the most Unique Arboresans Motif. 

Opal Necklace in Mauritius white gold


Loose Opal and How to wear Opal jewellery?

Astrologers and crystal healers recommend a few ways Libras can wear opals to enhance their greatest strengths. Some recommend wearing an opal weighing 6 carats or greater on the right middle finger. At Ravior, you can also request for loose Opal stones and craft a perfect jewellery piece according to your requirements. 

Buy Loose opal stones in Mauritius


This season of joy, light and love is the perfect time to indulge yourself in bespoke jewellery and that of the magical, alluring Opal gemstone. At Ravior, you will discover some of the rarest gemstones and magnificent jewellery pieces that are crafted to evoke!