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Buy Luxury Jewelry from Mauritius Online at Ravior

Buy Luxury Jewelry from Mauritius Online at Ravior

This tropical island which is often misspelled as ‘morrasius’ or ‘martius’ is a gem of an island that one must not ignore when it comes to the jewelry world. Rightly pronounced as Mauritius (Mo - ri - shus) or Ile Maurice like the French call it, is located at the south east of Africa in the Indian Ocean and is home to some of the rare marine species and to one of the most creative jewelry designers in the world.

Buy Luxury jewelry online at Ravior in Mauritius

An atelier which imbibes the rich culture through Generations of jewellers, Ravior is truly an example of excellent craftsmanship and creativity that exceeds beyond its shores. Founded in 1982 in Mauritius, Ravior has become synonymous with Innovation in the jewelry world. From the creation of intricate designs to bespoke pieces, every jewelry piece is finely crafted to evoke your senses towards the art of gold. 

Luxury Jewelry in Mauritius

Stocking a wide and varied range of Gold jewelry, Stunning diamonds, precious metals, rare gemstones and a whole new vision of jewelry designs, Ravior takes pride in serving its worldwide customers through its online platform ravior.com and allows you to now buy luxury jewelry online straight from Mauritius! 

Ravior Atelier in Mauritius

When you buy luxury jewelry online, you must have wondered as to what goes behind the scenes into crafting some of the most iconic and creative piece of art that not only has the power to transform your persona but also holds some of your precious memories in the form of glistening diamonds set in 24 karats of mystical Gold or Silver. At atelier Ravior, you will find the finest of craftsmen and women working with great attention to details in moulding the luxury Jewelry of your dreams. 

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Amidst the hustle and bustle of Quatre Bornes, the ingenious Jewelry artist puts his craftsmanship to work by guiding and mentoring the members of the Ravior family in creating some of the most stunning and unconventional jewelry pieces. Ravi Jetshan, the CEO of Ravior is the reason behind this atelier’s unstoppable success in the jewelry world in Africa. Ravior is a mosaic of men and women from a vast variety of backgrounds with exceptional craftsmanship, all united with the same love for crafts and achieving perfection.

Ravi Jetshan - Luxury Jewelry designer from Mauritius

Every piece of Ravior Jewelry that you purchase has the essence of these artisanal Houdini thus retaining its originality and an extraordinary value. It is this spirit of artists and true craftsmanship that keeps Ravior alive in the hearts of their clients. 

Luxury jewelry online buy now at Ravior

If you are looking for bespoke jewelry for any occasion big or small, This is your one stop shop to buy luxury jewelry in Mauritius that surpasses your expectations. Buy your luxury jewelry online at ravior.com - Crafted to Evoke!