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Why you should invest in Tanzanite?

Why you should invest in Tanzanite?
What’s bluish in color, extremely rare and hails from an East African piece of heaven? Although less popular than the sapphire, somewhere at the roots of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, lie one of the rarest striking-blue gemstone you can find across the globe: The Tanzanite.

As the name suggests, Tanzanite originates from ultimate safari destination Tanzania. It was first unearthed by Manuel de Souza in the 1960s, making it one of the most recent precious gemstones to be discovered in Modern History! Unsurprisingly, in only a few decades, Tanzanite has skyrocketed in popularity with massive billboard features all over the world – leading to an absolute craze over this timeless and ethereal natural treasure reflected in its extreme scarcity. It has also become a key gemstone in many of Raviors jewelry collections.

Like Blue topaz and sapphire, one of the most remarkable features of this December Birthstone, is its dazzling blue-to-violet colour variation. Depending on the lighting conditions and the crystal orientation, Tanzanite can alternatively appear blue, violet or burgundy. This phenomenon can be observed in Ravior’s handpicked Tanzanite jewels which can be appreciated in the Arboresans collection. Tanzanite is a great option if you want the sapphire look but not the high price tag. It is also an excellent collector’s item due to its rarity and has been called ‘the gemstone investment opportunity of our generation’ as the prices of colored gemstones increase due to demand. It is predicted that once Tanzanite has been mined out, prices will rise so getting your hands on them while you can seems like a good idea!

With its naturally-occurring vivid blues, unique pieces like the Tanzanite pendant, the Royal Blue Tanzanite earrings or the Arboresans set of earrings and pendant top the list of Ravior’s vibrant blue jewels. The rich indigos of Ravior’s Tanzanite glory necklace is also a must-have to wrap your neck delicately for the most unique and elegant looks.

As coloured gemstones have gained tremendous popularity according to recent trends, Tanzanite may quickly become the one gemstone you will crave to have in your precious jewelry box. After all, it signifies new beginnings given the fact that the geological conditions for creating Tanzanite are so unique that there was a one in a million chance such a gemstone could ever be discovered.

Tanzanite will definitely catch your eye as soon as you look through Ravior’s display window or website. This means it will no doubt remain an heirloom gemstone, especially as it is believed that it might not be found anymore in 30 years. In that case, why don't you check out Ravior's blues available as Loose stones! You can pick the one that catches your eye and turn it into a bespoke piece just as you imagined it - Crafted to evoke, only at Ravior!